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       Directions: There are 10 blanks in the following passage. For each blank there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. You should choose the ONE that best fits into the passage. You should write the corresponding letter on the ANSWER SHEET。
       If a farmer wishes to succeed, he must try to keep a wide gap between his consumption and his production. He must store a large quantity of grain __37__ consuming all his grain immediately. He can continue to support himself and his family __38__ he produces a surplus. He must use this surplus in three ways: as seed for sowing, as an insurance __39__ the unpredictable effects of bad weather and as a commodity which he must sell in order to __40__ old agricultural implements and obtain chemical fertilizers to __41__ the soil. He may also need money to construct irrigation __42__ and improve his farm in other ways. If no surplus is available, a farmer cannot be __43__. He must either sell some of his property or __44__ extra funds in the form of loans. Naturally he will try to borrow money at a low __45__ of interest, but loans of this kind are not __46__ obtainable。
  37. [A] other than [B] as well as [C] instead of [D] more than
  38. [A] only if [B] much as [C] long before [D] ever since
  39. [A] for [B] against [C] of [D] towards
  40. [A] replace [B] purchase [C] supplement [D] dispose
  41. [A] enhance [B] mix [C] feed [D] raise
  42. [A] vessels [B] routes [C] paths [D] channels
  43. [A] self-confident [B] self-sufficient [C] self-satisfied [D] self-restrained
  44. [A] search [B] save [C] offer [D] seek
  45. [A] proportion [B] percentage [C] rate [D] ratio
  46. [A] genuinely [B] obviously [C] presumably [D] frequently
       參考答案:37-41 CABAC  42-46 DBDCD
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